The cost-effective alternative to application 'life support'

Most IT departments have at least one business application on 'life support' - being kept alive in case someone in the organization needs to access the information it holds.

Keeping aging systems running, just to view the data, drains the IT budget for software and hardware maintenance and incurs additional staff and operational costs. However, the historical data that the applications contain and the information they provide is critical - for delivering customer service, regulatory compliance, legal discovery and audit.

Macro 4 provides a tried and tested process for decommissioning applications from any platform, quickly and cost effectively. We can extract data from any SAP® or non-SAP application and store it in a secure, online content server or in the SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management Retention Warehouse. Users can access the data easily, either from screens that mimic the original application or in a new format chosen by the business. With the data safely removed, the original application can be simply switched off.

Our proven approach can be adopted for decommissioning practically any application, from bespoke mainframe systems and packaged software to legacy SAP applications - perhaps inherited through mergers or organizational restructuring.

Benefits of application decommissioning:
  •  Mitigate operational risk by reducing reliance on scarce and expensive legacy IT skills
  •  Boost productivity and service by giving users faster access to historical customer data
  •  Meet compliance obligations by retaining historical data in a read-only, legal archive
  •  Allow the IT team to focus on innovation for the future, rather than 'life support' of the past
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