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Business leaders understand the value of reaching out to customers, employees and business partners using every available communication channel.

Today that means delivering digital content to a wide range of handheld devices and browsers, while continuing to email, fax and print information reliably. It also requires the traditional 'document' to evolve into a highly personalized and interactive communications vehicle. At the same time, there is a growing demand for businesses to move beyond simply sending each other static documents - only for the content to be re-keyed later - and start exchanging data directly between their IT applications.

In practice, however, the truly multi-channel enterprise can be slow and painful to achieve. Adapting your SAP applications and other business systems to work with new customer touchpoints is a particular challenge, fraught with risks and hidden costs.

To help you meet this challenge Macro 4 has developed technology that enables a progressive, controlled and painless transition to digital delivery.

Our Columbus software suite operates as a flexible 'delivery layer' that works with, but is separate from, your core SAP applications. By decoupling delivery from the underlying applications in this way you instantly remove the problem of managing delivery from multiple applications to multiple channels. Columbus controls the entire process - so you don't have to.

In addition, SAP-certified integration provides seamless access to all relevant documents and data from any SAP application in your organization, to support effective customer interaction.

Key capabilities of Macro 4's multi-channel communications solution include:
  •  Delivery management - capture of documents and data from your SAP and non-SAP applications and delivery via email, online presentment (with optional email notification), fax, production and local printers, or direct data exchange with external business systems
  •  Workflow - allowing you to swiftly and simply define the right combination of delivery channels to suit different customers, applications or content, according to business rules and customer preferences
  •  Format transformation - using business rules you can transform content into different formats, such as PDF or XML, alter its appearance using document composition and add personalized marketing messages
  •  Online document retention - storage of documents and data in any required format, for online access and archiving
  •  End-to-end monitoring of all delivery processes from a central management interface, with full tracking and exception alerts
  •  Accounting and reporting to identify trends, assist capacity planning and prevent delivery bottlenecks
Our multi-channel communications solution can help you to:
  • Save time and costs by eliminating the programming and configuration changes needed to 'hardwire' digital delivery channels within your core business applications
  • Increase competitiveness as you can launch new marketing campaigns and customer communication channels more quickly
  • Increase marketing response rates by adding individualized messages to 'white space' on transactional customer documents such as bills and statements
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention by offering customers more flexible delivery choices and delivering tailored communications that they find genuinely useful
  • Raise operational efficiency as online self-service reduces the volume of telephone and face-to-face customer queries for your staff to handle
  • Reduce risk by controlling and monitoring all content delivery using a single, scalable solution
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