Reliable SAP printing with control

 30 per cent of all business process disruptions are due to document delivery failures.

Source: Boston Consulting Group

SAP applications excel at managing your business processes, but many processes still rely on paper, which is where lack of control, unreliability and delays can arise.

Disruptions to document printing can have a severe business impact:
  •  Late invoices defer payment terms, then impact cash flow
  •  Trucks cannot leave the warehouse without delivery documentation
  •  Printing problems on the assembly line can bring the whole production process to a standstill

Printing key documents to drive business processes is critical for SAP users. Document delivery problems also incur significant IT costs, with printing issues accounting for up to 50 per cent of helpdesk calls.

Our output management solution, with SAP-certified integration, assures delivery of printed documents from SAP. It provides a single point of control for managing document output across the enterprise and enables early detection and diagnosis of printing problems. In the event of a printer failure, business disruption is minimized by automatically re-routing output to an alternative device, and users are notified immediately.

Why Macro 4 output management?
  •  Lowers business risk by resolving output problems before they start impacting on business operations
  •  Cuts the cost of servicing print-related helpdesk calls
  •  Increases operational efficiency and user productivity
  •  Reduces the cost of managing the IT infrastructure
  •  Allows you to centrally manage SAP R/3 output - without customizing the SAP R/3 environment
  •  Enables seamless switching to electronic delivery as part of a multi-channel communications solution

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