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Manually analyzing the causes of mainframe application failures is a slow and tedious process. While the clock is ticking your business users and customers could face an extended loss of system availability, with devastating effects on sales and service.

DumpMaster, Macro 4's fault analysis solution, speeds up problem resolution by providing advanced diagnostic capabilities, helping you to limit production downtime and increase developer productivity.

The output of the failing program is captured and the abend is automatically analyzed, highlighting possible causes. Using Macro 4's unique interfaces, support personnel can bypass complex routines and quickly navigate the dump using simple commands.

Alongside 3270 user access we offer Eclipse and web interfaces that are intuitive and easy to use, making them attractive to newer recruits and allowing even the most experienced 3270 user to become more effective.

User collaboration facilities allow information on an application failure to be shared quickly and easily within the IT team. This cuts down the time to resolve problems even further, especially when team members are based at multiple locations.

Fault analysis from Macro 4 helps you to:
  •  Minimize downtime in the event of an application failure, to protect revenue and reputation
  •  Maintain your competitive edge by reducing time-to-market for application enhancements
  •  Increase the productivity of your developers and operations staff by resolving application faults faster - and even more so if using our web and Eclipse interfaces
  •  Release developer time from fault diagnosis to focus on higher value activities
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"Macro 4 have taken the time to share their own product development plans with us, running workshops to understand our users' requirements so we can actively influence the evolution of their solutions."

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