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When an application develops a problem, using an interactive test session to replay code is a highly effective way of diagnosing the cause. However, setting up a program trace can be complex and time consuming, which delays error resolution and increases development timescales.

Macro 4's mainframe testing and debugging solution, TraceMaster, enables developers to set up an interactive testing session quickly and easily.

Developers can step through and retest program logic with flexibility, helping them to rapidly identify the causes of program errors hidden within thousands of lines of code.

Our powerful tracing capabilities make it easy to augment productivity and accelerate the deployment of new applications. Using interactive interfaces, developers can analyze large volumes of code in minutes, allowing insight into hidden logic errors and program abends.

Our Eclipse and web interfaces are intuitive and easy to use and allow you to tailor the display to meet your specific needs. Offered alongside 3270 user access, they allow the new generation of mainframe developers to get to grips with debugging quickly and can make even the most experienced 3270 user more effective.

Interactive testing and debugging from Macro 4 helps you to:
  •  Gain a competitive edge by introducing new application enhancements more quickly
  •  Increase developer productivity by correcting program errors faster - and even more so if using our web and Eclipse interfaces
  •  Release developers from lengthy testing and fault resolution activities to concentrate on new projects

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