Proactively improve the performance of your critical web applications

Java-based enterprise applications are crucial to many organizations, often operating on the frontline between customers and the business. Reliability and fast response times are essential to maintaining excellent service but, in today's complex operating environments, poor application performance is on the increase.

Macro 4's Java performance management solution helps you proactively improve application response times and resolve potential performance problems at a very early stage, before your customers, revenue and reputation start to be affected.

Our SUPERMON® for Java solution monitors and measures the performance of all your Java applications from a single, easy-to-use web interface. Critically, it not only monitors activity within the JEE server environments but also provides valuable insight into the performance of supporting infrastructure components such as distributed databases, mainframe databases and CICS transactions, enabling you to get to the root of application problems faster.

Automated alerts, together with a graphical, dashboard view of the health of your applications, keep you on top of performance and enable you to act quickly on any warning signs.

Once a potential problem has been detected you can drill down progressively to the underlying technological infrastructure to pinpoint the source of the problem and take corrective action. You can also run historical reports to identify long-term changes in performance and assist capacity planning.

Working with our solution to monitor and manage application performance you can:
  •  Increase IT productivity by resolving performance problems faster
  •  Increase employee productivity by improving application response times
  •  Reduce the risk of reputational damage due to failure of a high profile web application
  •  Retain customers by maintaining fast, responsive service

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