IT Business intelligence provides clear insight into the relationship between IT costs and business activities, to help you control expenditure and improve operational performance.

Most major companies today use business intelligence in some form. For accurate forecasting, planning and operational decision-making, businesses must analyze vast quantities of information from diverse sources. Business intelligence software helps the process by interpreting this information and presenting it in a dashboard format that is easy to use – so managers can clearly see the course of action they should take to optimize business performance.

IT business intelligence (ITBI) does exactly the same – but exclusively for the processes in your IT department. Our ITBI service collects technical data such as CPU, memory and disk utilization from your corporate IT Infrastructure and maps it against business information such as costs; which department or application is using the resources; and for which activities. The data is stored in a secure, Cloud based data warehouse and made available to users through an advanced business intelligence reporting tool, accessible from any web browser or, alternatively, via your mobile device using our mobile app.

ITBI creates complete transparency for even the most complex, cross-platform IT environments, so you can readily answer questions such as:
  •  Why are my variable processing charges increasing, and how can I reschedule our IT workload to reduce them?
  •  Which business units, applications and transactions use most capacity, and what behavioral or other changes can we make to minimize our costs?
  •  Am I being charged at the right level by my managed services provider?
  •  How will new business initiatives or software developments affect our IT costs?
  •  Which servers are over- or underutilized, and what are the cost and performance implications?
  •  Why have response times degraded, and how can I fix the problem?
With ITBI you can:
  •  Optimize your IT environment to reduce costs and improve IT service quality
  •  Align business and technical priorities through informed dialogue
  •  Rightsize your infrastructure to meet your real needs and decommission redundant hardware and software
  •  Negotiate better outsourcer agreements based on knowledge of your actual capacity needs
  •  Spend less time on reporting, capacity management and performance management
  •  Reduce your operational IT costs by 10 – 20%, with huge savings from day one

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