In the current economic climate IT budgets are being squeezed and costly capacity upgrades are harder to justify. At the same time it is imperative to maintain high application performance levels to support operational efficiency and excellent customer service.

Macro 4's performance management suite (ExpeTune, FreezeFrame, ExpeTune DB) addresses both of these issues simultaneously by helping you to quickly identify and remove inefficiencies in your mainframe systems and application code. As a result you will benefit from more responsive applications and faster business throughput. Your MIPS requirements will also reduce, allowing you to release valuable processing resources and defer capacity upgrades.

We provide you with the capabilities to:
  •  Analyze your mainframe environment and generate reports to identify system and application areas that can benefit from performance tuning
  •  Run observation sessions to provide exact snapshots of system activity and pinpoint the source of application problems
  •  Resolve problems quickly, using a sophisticated rules-based expert system that provides diagnostic guidance based on the output from your observation session
  •  Easily identify the causes of poor database and SQL performance
Working with our performance management solutions you can:
  •  Cut your IT costs significantly - in some cases by millions - by reducing the frequency of expensive processor upgrades
  •  Maximize uptime and support 'always on' business by completing batch runs faster
  •  Increase customer satisfaction and retention by delivering faster responses in the mainframe systems that support your customers via the internet, call centers and mobile applications
  •  Increase employee productivity by ensuring that the systems your employees rely on for their work are always available and quick to respond
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"We were impressed by the number of opportunities we found where we could save processing power."

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