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Effective governance is essential to protect and responsibly leverage enterprise information in the face of increasing security threats, new regulatory compliance requirements and exponential data growth.

Organizations also recognize the need to invest in technology to protect themselves, their customers and employees as digital business accelerates in the wake of the pandemic.

IDC predicts that worldwide data will grow by 61 per cent annually, to a staggering 175 zettabytes by 2025 – and 80 per cent of that data will be found outside of databases, in unstructured formats such as documents, images, chat logs, video and voice recordings.

Macro 4 can help you to control, organize and drive new value from the huge variety and volume of information flowing through your business – including unstructured data as well as data records from your applications. Our information governance solutions, built on the Columbus enterprise information management platform, simplify regulatory compliance, strengthen data protection and reduce the costs, risks and effort involved in handling information at scale.

We have a twenty year track record in helping organizations operating in all major industry sectors to implement robust information governance systems and practices which build trust and keep customers loyal.

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Regulatory compliance
Manage the creation, classification, use, retention and disposal of information to meet your compliance obligations

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Blockchain-ready enterprise information management (EIM)
Harness the power of blockchain networks to provide a trusted record of compliance processes

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Data protection
Safeguard personal information and comply with global data protection regulations including the GDPR and CCPA

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Retain secure, unalterable records over the long term, and improve system performance by offloading data from your business applications

Information governance: how you can benefit

  • Deliver information governance best practice, with improved levels of control, transparency and accountability
  • Differentiate your brand and create a competitive advantage based on trust
  • Increase efficiency and minimize costly human error by automating information management activities
  • Address multiple governance challenges within a single, integrated system

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