Create new value from historical data


Empower business teams with a ‘living’ archive

Every organization has important business information that must be kept available over the long term, whether for regulatory compliance, operational activities or servicing customer requests. Moving your information to the Columbus DW content repository allows you to create a highly accessible ‘living’ archive which is simple and intuitive for business teams to use.

Archives can be accessed directly from a web interface and mobile app, integrated with ERP and customer service applications to provide seamless access for frontline workers, and mined for actionable insights using business intelligence platforms.

An integrated archiving solution for all enterprise content

Information of all types, from financial records, contracts and other legal documents to business-complete data from your core applications, can be brought together in a single, integrated archive. Data is stored in a secure, unalterable format, with information lifecycle management to ensure compliant retention management and timely destruction at end of life.

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Learn how to create a living archive


Macro 4’s solution is not just a historical archive but an important operational business system that gives many parts of our organization easier and faster access to the information they need, helping to automate many tasks so that they can be completed faster and more efficiently."

Volker Wenzel
Coordinator, Technical Projects / GEHE


Archiving solutions: how you can benefit

  • Meet all regulatory requirements for retaining key historical information
  • Extract valuable business insights from a rich seam of long-term business data
  • Improve the performance of your business applications through regular archiving of older or redundant data
  • Reduce your retention costs as data is highly compressed, enabling billions of items to be stored on a single server

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