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Raising the bar for data protection

Major changes in data privacy legislation are having far-reaching effects on how organizations are permitted to collect, store and use personal data. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), together with its successor, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), have imposed tough new restrictions, and the pressure on businesses is set to intensify as stricter regional data protection laws come into force across the world.

Delivering transparency with control

Managing the vast quantities of personal information to be found around any business is a major challenge. Columbus data protection solutions deliver granular control of your enterprise content, with automated classification to make personal data easier to locate, and information lifecycle rules to ensure that data is processed in compliance with global regulations.

Real-time monitoring helps you to track and manage all activities related to personal data, such as requests for access or erasure, and head off potential compliance violations.

Data protection by design and by default

Security and data privacy measures built into the Columbus enterprise information management suite ensure data protection ‘by design and by default’, and include data redaction, anonymization and pseudonymization, as well as strong user authentication and tamper-evident storage, with the option of blockchain integration.

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Learn about tools and techniques for data protection


Data redaction: an easy way to control access to sensitive personal data

View data redaction in action on the Columbus DW app

GDPR information requests: the challenges

A Macro 4 study revealed the challenges UK businesses face when fulfilling GDPR information requests from customers. We help organizations to streamline information management so that they can satisfy customer requests faster and simplify GDPR compliance. Learn more about solutions for GDPR compliance


Data protection solutions: how you can benefit

  • Reduce the costs, risks and effort involved in complying with multiple data protection regulations
  • Build customer trust by responding promptly to customer requests for data access, erasure or transfer
  • Support data minimization through automation of your retention policies
  • Monitor compliance in real time to help prevent data protection violations

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Regulatory compliance
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Blockchain-ready enterprise information management (EIM)
Harness the power of blockchain networks to provide a trusted record of compliance processes

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Retain secure, unalterable records over the long term, and improve system performance by offloading data from your business applications

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